Kalari Kerala

Since 1945

Ayush Ayurveda Ashram

A place for authentic ayurveda marma treatment and kalarippayat.

We provide:


  • Comfortable accommodation with well appointed rooms
  • Rooms – air-condition and Non air – condition options available
  • Ayurveda packages based on individual diagnosis.
  • Medicines prepared in – house as per individual requirements.
  • Separate facilities and therapists for gentlemen and ladies.
  • Tasty , Nutritious Vegetarian Cuisine
  • Activity options are available in the form of Kalarippayattu, Kalari – Yoga, Barathnatyam, Kathakali & Theyyam.
  • Sight Seeing Trips on Request


Ayurveda is the Science of Longivity Visualized by Rishis and Acharyas of India and Dedicated to the World.


Kalari treatment is a specialized Ayurvedic treatment most suited for arthritis, rheumatic diseases, back pains (lumbago, sciatica, muscular pains, neck pain, spondilosis etc.) ortho problems (fracture, dislocation, sprains) muscular injuries, energy loss, pain and swelling of joints, etc. are our speciality.Kalari Gurukkal knowledgeable in  “Marma Chikitsa”, effectively detects and cure such problems.


The Healing Touch of our ‘Gurus’ will give a New Meaning of your Life Using all Elixirs of Nature and Remedies.




  • Rejuvenation Package and Treatments
  • Special herbal Oil massage
  • Restoration of youthfulness
  • Special holistic treatment
  • Weight loss package
  • Post pregnancy & Beauty Care Package
  • Health package for weak children & adults

Special Treatments

Special Massages that we provide are :

More Treatments