Kalari Kerala

Since 1945


Sri K. Narayanan Gurukkal is the founder of CVN Kalari Sangam. He was born in the year 1927 and was initiated into Kalari training at an early age of seven. He worked hard to revive Kalarippayat by conducting many stage shows and lecture demonstrations all over the world which gained international attention.


Sri Narayanan Gurukkal inherited the tradition of Kalarippayat and Marma Chikitsa from his Ayurvedic family in north Malabar. He was the recipient of many national and international awards and had also won the American Excellency Award for Achievement in 2000. For thirty years he represented the Kalari Association as the District secretary and headed the State Association for five years.


Sri Narayan Gurukkal passed away at the age of 73 on 24th December 2000 handing over the tradition to his sons Anil Kumar, Sunil Kumar and Gopa Kumar.