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Nurture and preserve one of the richest and oldest art form!

Kalaripayattu is one the most famous martial art that has caught the attention of the world. CVN Kalari Nadakav is a very familiar name to all the Kalari enthusiasts. The training at CVN Kalari Nadakav by the well experienced Kalari Gurukkal makes it easier and natural for you to get inspired, involved, revel in and master Kalarippayttu.


We are very specific in preserving the virtues of traditional Kalaripayattu martial arts and our mission is to popularize Kalaripayattu in its routine form with all its beauty.


India’s culture and heritage, one of the most richest and valuable culture and its contribution in the field of martial arts is not the one to be forgotten and abandoned. As the pioneer Kalarai training institutions, CVN Kalari Nadakav finds it as its responsibility to motivate artists to practice and promote Kalaripayattu and achieve global acceptance.

Let’s explore the deep roots and lineage of Kalaripayattu!

Kerala, recounting the history:


Kerala, popularly known as Gods own country is one of the most beautiful and eco friendly locations, dwelled in perfect harmony with nature. The mind blowing scenic beauty with beaches, forests, mountains and backwaters has made Kerala the most preferred location for tourism.

The land is known after Sage Parasurama. The legend is that Lord Vishnu descended from the heavens in his incarnation of Parasurama. After slaying the evil kings 21 times over to repeal their force from earth, he did penance for waging the terrible war, and threw his axe into the sea. And a new land rose from the sea from the area where the axe landed; Kerala, the land of prosperity.

Kalaripayattu when tracing the history:


Kalaripayattu is the ancient martial art of Kerala and the mother of all martial arts. Although concrete evidence about the date and place of origin is missing, it is believed to have originated in Kerala around 3000 years ago and it was crafted by sage Parsurama, the master of all martial arts. Kalaripayattu evolved and glorified through centuries and is based on the idea of A sound mind in a sound body.

The name Kalari has been derived from the Sanskrit word Khaloorika, meaning the place where the art of wielding weapons and physic is imparted. Kalari means the place (a gymnasium), where any particular art form is taught and payat means practice or exercise. The traditional training of Kalarippayattu is always done inside a specially constructed practice area. Kalaris are the schools where training in this martial art form is imparted by Gurukals or masters. The Gurukkal system consists of rigorous physical training besides training in self-discipline. The weapons used are the sword, Dagger, Shield, short sticks, spears etc. The co-ordination of the body and mind is given maximum importance in this art.

 Kalaripayattu has very much influenced the evolution of Keralas theatre and dance forms, most prominently Kathakali and Theyyam. Kalaripayattu which has won its fame and glory all over has a compelling global audience. Kalaripayattu is used for self-expression in dance forms, in theatre and in movies.

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