Kalari Kerala

Since 1945

Short Term Course

Special Class for Foreign Students:

Late Sri. Narayan Gurukkal and his sons made it a point to teach foreign students from all over the world.  This Martial Art attracted them and some of them started their own Kalari units all over Europe under the guidance of the Kalari Masters of CVN Nadakkavu.  Their teaching methods were something special for each student.

Kalari Payattu choreography & synchronisation with Dance & Music on the stage by Opera houses is appreciated all over the world and the CVN specialists were invited to perform year after year.  Kalaripayattu is a Healing Art also.  Their methods are the forerunners of the modern sports medium & physiotherapy. Sri. Narayanan Gurukkal could do wonders for curing all ailments connected with action by his medicated oils and special massages. His children inherited all his talents and still on the way of spreading the message of this special Martial art form.

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