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Nurture and preserve one of the richest and oldest art form!

Kalaripayattu is one the most famous martial art that has caught the attention of the world. CVN Kalari Nadakav is a very familiar name to all the Kalari enthusiasts. The training at CVN Kalari Nadakav by the well experienced Kalari Gurukkal makes it easier and natural for you to get inspired, involved, revel in and master Kalarippayttu.   We are very specific in preserving the virtues of traditional Kalaripayattu martial arts and our mission is to popularize Kalaripayattu in its routine form with all its beauty.

Ayurveda Marmas
Kalari Gurukkal

Sri. Narayanan Gurukkal the founder of C.V.N Kalari Sangam was born in the year 1927

Kalaripayattu in Kerala
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Special Massages that we provide are :

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