For those interested in learning Kalarippayattu, Kalari Yoga and Kalari Marma Massage Theraphy as a resident, residential facilities are available at the CVN Kalari Nadakav. This is designed for outstation students and those from overseas.
  • Regular Kalarippayattu Classes for local residents
  • Residential short term Kalarippayattu classes for Indian & Foreign students
  • Kalari Yoga Classes
  • Kalari Treatment and Marma Massage Classes
  • Kalarippayattu Teachers training programme

What they say about us

Late Sri. Narayan Gurukkal and his sons made it a highlight to show for unfamiliar understudies from everywhere in the world. This Martial Art pulled them in, and some began their own Kalari units all over Europe under the direction of the Kalari Bosses of CVN Nadakav. Their showing techniques were something uniquely amazing for every understudy.

Kalarippayattu's movement and synchronization with Dance and Music on the stage by Opera houses are valued all around the world and the CVN experts were welcome to perform for many years. Kalarippayattu is a Recuperating Craftsmanship moreover. Their techniques are the precursors of cutting-edge sports mediums and physiotherapy. Sri. Narayanan Gurukkal could do ponders for relieving all afflictions associated with activity with his cured oils and unique back rubs. Nevertheless, his youngsters acquired every one of his gifts to spread the message of this unique Martial fine art.

CVN Kalari Nadakav also conducts workshops and training programs for international students and has hosted several workshops in different countries. These workshops provide an opportunity for students to learn Kalarippayattu from experienced instructors and experience the culture and traditions of Kerala.

Attending a short-term course or workshop at CVN Kalari Nadakav is a great way to learn Kalarippayattu, improve physical fitness and flexibility, and experience the benefits of Ayurvedic treatments. The center provides accommodation and meals for students, making it convenient for them to focus on their training and personal growth.

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CVN Kalari Nadakav is a traditional Kalarippayattu institution established by Late Sri. K Narayanan Gurukkal. CVN Kalari Nadakav is situated in the heart of Calicut city, where the traditional martial arts and kalari marma tratment are practiced and performed since 1950.

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